Cikananga Wildlife Center Story

Cikananga Wildlife Center (CWC) or Yayasan Cikananga Konservasi Terpadu (YCKT) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization for conserving Indonesian wildlife. It encompasses Cikananga Wild Animal Rescue Center, Conservation Breeding Center (CCBC), Sustainability Farming Program, and Wildlife Learning Center. The Center was established in 2001. Since then it has been dedicating its efforts to the welfare and conservation of Indonesian wildlife and its habitat. It provides facilities and manpower to rehabilitate confiscated wild animals, helps them regain natural behavior lost during captivity, and tries to reintroduce them into their natural habitat. The center also provides a permanent sanctuary for animals that cannot be released back into the wild. There are about 250 animals ranging from crocodiles to hornbills and sun bears to primates such as orangutans and gibbons. Mostly they come from the miserable illegal wildlife trade or have lost their habitat due to deforestation. Most animals are (critically) endangered, and on the brink of extinction. They usually arrive at Cikananga in a heavily neglected state and need medical care. CWC aims to assist the government in rescuing and conserving Indonesian wildlife and teaching the public about the correct treatment and care of animals.