Al Jabr and Jakarta Nanyang School visited Cikananga

May 2013

The Environmental Education (EE) program allows students to learn about Indonesia’s most endangered animals. They have the opportunity to join the growing work of animal care and take home the information to raise the awareness of Indonesian wildlife in their community.

The program aims to increase if a gain of knowledge regarding animal conservation, environmental values and welfare can change perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards animals.

Gonda, the Netherland volunteer helping in guidance of making enrichment

Gonda, the Netherland volunteer helping in guidance of making enrichment

Al Jabr Elementary School of South Jakarta visits Cikananga Wildlife Center annually to undertake The EE Program. And also the new International school of Jakarta Nanyang School (JNY) has made the first visit to Cikananga this May 2013. They wanted to learn how the center has nursed animal from an illegal captivity that houses animals for pets, to a center-based conservation organization. Students became engaged in the Don’t Keep Wild Animal as a Pet campaign through outing games and drawing a poster about Animals and Habitat after an excursion to Cikananga Widlife Center where they participated in. Our volunteer helped the education team with making guidance for the kids during the group events taking place.   

A Jakarta Nanyang Kid setting the enrichment for cokcatoo

A Jakarta Nanyang School kid setting the enrichment for cockatoo

Through the program, students also learnt about how to care animals that ongoing rehabilitated in the center by feeding on the enrichment methods and performing the green effort with providing leaves and branches inside the socialization cage. In the last of activities they had an opportunity to conduct the planting tree in Cikananga environment.   




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