Help us to preserve the wildlife

Currently there are more than 300 animals that ongoing rehabilitation at the Cikananga Wildlife Center. With your donating for the sustainability of living of wildlife you have take part in the rescue and preservation of animals.

Your donations to Cikananga Wildlife Center come in many different sizes and for many different purposes. Donations large and small help to construct and maintain pens and the enclosures such as pre-release enclosures, (medical) care, socialization pens, and aquariums, and provide funds for animal health nurse equipment as well as for education programs such as school visit and environmental education. This makes possible special projects that enhance both the welfare of animals and people awareness. And they save the future of the animals by building a strong endowment. With increasing donation on wildlife, our work has never been more important. 

For donors who give an amount of more than an equal of $500 will be published (if desired) in our newsletter as well as on the website of Cikananga Wildlife Center.

* All adoption fees are transferred through a bank account with Bank Mandiri

Account Number: 133-00-0993881-2
KC Sukabumi Sudirman 13222

Please submit your confirmation transfer to: