New arrivals from illegal trade

New arrivals from illegal trade: 6 eagles where confiscated from a trader in Bogor by the organisation JAAN. Also an Asian short clawed otter and a porcupine where confiscated from the same trader. All animals are still pretty young! This morning they arrived in Cikananga. Before entering the quarantine they all received a medical exam.The more adult eagles are all a bit to skinny and dehydrated but for the rest in OK condition.The 2 young eagle chicks needed extra care in our animal clinic, one is in worrying condition! Happily the otter and porcupine are doing much better and are in good condition and seem to be healthy. The eagles are 1 Javan hawk eagle, 2 Changeable hawk eagles light morph and 3 Changeable hawk eagles dark morph, including 2 young juveniles.

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