#CikanangaStory A Day in the Vet Life

Cikananga Wildlife Center currently has two working vet who are responsible of the medical condition of all our animals. Caring for 500+ animals is certainly no easy job but they manage to handle it fine with the help of all animal keepers, staffs, and volunteers. So what is their daily work like ?

Get up early and already start working around 7 am is their routine. Bilan is the new vet of Cikananga and currently working under the supervision of Wahyu, the more senior vet that has been working in Cikananga Wildlife Center for the past 3 years. She starts the day of doing the routine check on all the animals that residing in the clinic. In Cikananga, if there are animals whose condition is not well and need to be under close  monitoring of our vet, they will be put in temporary cage in our clinic. And because not everyone can come and go in the clinic as they please, the vets have to take care of these animals hygine, food, and all other necessities.


After making sure these animals in clinic is in good condition, she starts cleaning the cage and take out the food trays. She needs to check if all the foods are eaten and the medical treatments are received well by the animals. She also has to make sure there are enough food ingredients in the clinic, and if it runs out, she has to go to the foodhouse to replenish the food.




Done with everything, she checks the list of things they will need to do for the day that has been made together with Wahyu the day before. Today they got a lot of things in the list. First they will have to go around the center to make sure all the other animals in the wildlife center is in good condition. The animal keepers will notify them if they see one of the animals is in need of a check from the vet.

Like today, a pair of our cockatoos are moved recently to another enclosures with some other birds already in it. We take turns to monitor their condition. If they go along well with the others then they will be left alone in the new enclosure, but if they are not then the cockatoos will have to be moved back to their original enclosure. Unfortunately, the keepers said that they probably is not getting along well, so the vet have to monitor their condition and then decide whether they will be moved back or not.


At 11.30, everyone in Cikananga Wildlife Center got to have a lunch time break. In the canteen, everyone gather while enjoying the food that was ordered from the local lady in the village. It is common in cikananga to have all staff and volunteer to eat together while making conversation. People can also play games and chill in the hammock that being set in the canteen area.

Everyone start working again at 1 pm. This time, the schedule is to do a medical check on two new macaques that currently is in our quarantine. This two macaques are rescued by the forestry department and brought to cikananga around two weeks ago. Wahyu and Bilan, along with some of other staffs and keepers is going to sedate the macaques then run a medical check including weighing and blood test. Both of them looks well and even gaining weight since the arrival. They still have some scars from chain and wounds they suffer when they were still with their previous owner. When the test is finished, they put the macaques back in the cage and wait for them to regain their conciousness. Next they took the sample back to the clinic and analyze the result to be put in the medical files.


Finished with the macaques, there is another medical check up that they will need to do. Ono the estuarine crocodiles has wound on his legs that has undergoes a treatment for a couple of weeks now. They will have to catch the crocodiles to see the result of the medical treatment that they did. All keepers help to catch the crocodile, since Ono is quite big and we need a lot of people to make sure the safety of both people and crocodile. The Reptile and Amphibians Management workshop that was held in Cikananga a couple of months before is very helpful in this. Applying the new method learnt from the workshop, catching the crocodiles is now easier and safer.

Ono’s wound is better now but the vet still need to clean the wound, apply some salve and medicine, and continue the treatment for a while until the wound completely healed. Finished with everything, we released Ono and left him in the enclosure to make sure he is not stressed out because of the catching and the treatment.


Afterwards, the vets go back to the clinic and discuss the result of the day as well as making plans for the next day. They end the day after filling the daily journal of the medical files. So that was how the day goes for the vets in Cikananga Wildlife Center. It is sometimes feel like time goes by quickly here since there is never a boring day in Cikananga. And while it sometimes tiring, but everyone enjoys what they do to care for all the animals in our care ! Thanks a bunch for our hardworking Vet, and of course all staffs, keepers, and volunteers that work hard everyday !

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