#CikanangaStory Giving Back to Community, The Super Fun English Class of Cikananga !

Recently, we have one program that keep us busy in Sunday afternoon. One of our keeper had an idea, and thus after collaborating with our staff and volunteer, we have successfully organize an english class for the locals near the area of Cikananga Wildlife Center !

This idea is not something that only recently thought. Back in time, we also did an english class like this with the help of our volunteer. But after awhile, no one has continue the class and it stopped. Now that we have some new volunteers that are interested in teaching english for the locals, we decided to bring the english class back.


Melissa, our volunteer who is especially interested in social work and education is delegated to be in charge of the class for now. Not only her, there are also four other volunteers who will help with the class, and some of our staff also present to help with the translation.


In that slightly cloudy afternoon, we walked down to the house of one of our keeper, where the english class will be held. We were quite surprised by the number of people attending since it is beyond what we were expecting. There are more than 20 people gathering in front of the house with a whiteboard already prepared. Kids to adult, everyone already been seated and wait for us to start the class expectantly.


All the chattering ceased when we all standing in front of them and ready to open the class. We started with some introduction of ourselves, then continue to ask them to introduce themselves. At first, most of them are quite shy and it took a bit of encouragement for some of them to finally be able to stand up and introduce themselves in english. Some people, especially the little kids is struggling a little bit, but it is so heartwarming to see everyone try to help them with the words to say.

Afterwards, we begin the course on how to start a conversation in english. We gave them simple phrases that is commonly used to start a simple conversation, like ‘Good Morning’, ‘How Are You’, ‘What is Your Name’, and several others. They are practicing the phrases we gave them outloud, and most of them even taking notes enthusiastically.To make it easier to learn, we divide them into four groups, each one will practice the conversation with one volunteer per group. Since it is more focused now, they can have more chance to speak to the volunteers and asked questions. It is really fun since they also actively comes up with more phrases and words to use to the volunteers. They help each other with their english, and our staff also there to help with translation. It is very lively there !




At the end of the class, two delegations from each group have to come forward and perform a simple conversation between each other. Everyone did good and looks very happy. This is a good opportunity for them since they said they have always want to be able to speak english well and to talk to the foreigners in Cikananga Wildlife Center.


We end the class with a photo session together. They want this class to be held regularly so we decided to do this once per week, every Sunday. They look forward to the next class, and so do we ! We hope the existence of Cikananga Wildlife Center can also be beneficial for the livelihood of people around us.

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