Cockatoos stolen from Cikananga!

Last Thursday morning our team was shocked and saddened to find out that one pair of palm cockatoos were stolen in the night of Wednesday 12 December. Traces indicate that criminals broke into the back of the gated rescue center grounds and moved their way into the middle of the center using natural cover. The lock of the Cockatoo enclosure was broken and evidence of the taking of these birds were found inside the cage. We are determined to find these beautiful and vulnerable palm cockatoos back and therefore ask everyone to please report immediately to the closest BKSDA, Gakkum or using the online application (link below) when you see a palm cockatoo on the market or at someone’s place. #stopthetrade…

 Palm Cockatoo 2 Cikananga Wanicare
Palm Cockatoo 1 Cikananga Wanicare
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