Femi and Rosie released by SOCP

Amazing news from Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) as Rosie and Femi, who spent a long period of time in Cikananga after their initial rescue will be released. Currently they are moved to a monitored area, and final release will happen in weeks to months depending their behavior. After an intensive period in the rehabilitation program of SOCP they are back in the wild!

Certainly this is the one thing why we do our work with so many dedicated people and organisations around us. Thanks to everyone involved, of course including SOCP, Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)and the many others who have been part of this!

Rosie Femi Wanicare-SOCP-JAAN-Cikananga-Release

Rosie Femi Wanicare-SOCP-JAAN-Cikananga-Release-II

Rosie Femi Wanicare-SOCP-JAAN-Cikananga-Release-III

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