First Javan leopard enters the Rehabilitation Enclosure

This week was a big moment for the Javan leopards in Cikananga as Wayhu enters the largest enclosure of this new complex that was built with the support of our partner FOUR PAWS. We rescued Wahyu earlier this year after a serious conflict situation in the Cianjur area. In the spacious enclosures the six Javan leopards in Cikananga can start their rehabilitation process. It’s designed to fit their natural behaviour and this is stimulated by climbing structures on different heights, hiding places, pools and elevated resting places above the ground in a near natural setting with minimal human contact.

With this enclosure we can take an important step for captive Javan Leopards that potentially can return to the wild. Considering the Critically Endangered status with estimations between ‘possibly less than 100’ to a ‘maximum of 250 adults’ in the wild the coming years will be crucial for the survival of the Javan leopard. In the next week will announce more good news as the Javan Leopard Release Program continues in 2018. Please find a video on Youtube by clicking on the image below.

Javan Leopard savethejavanleopard wanicare cikananga YT

We are incredibly happy and thankful for the support from our partner FOUR PAWS to realize this enclosure.


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