International Orangutan day

19 August 2016 Wanicare– The love for Orangutans is one of the reasons why Wanicare Foundation was established in 2008. During the years that Wanicare has been working in Indonesia, the situation for Bornean and Sumatran orangutans has only become worse due to the increasing number of hectares of forest disappearing for the palm oil industry. Every year the number of orangutans in the wild is rapidly decreasing and the number of orangutans in rescue centers increasing. Currently there are four orangutans under our care, including two recently rescued babies: Dodo, Noni, Femi and Rosi.
With today being International Orangutan Day we ask everyone to avoid the buying of products with palm oil, raise awareness and help to stop the brutal killing of mother orangutans so that their babies can be traded. Adopt an orangutan and take action now before it is too late!

Willemijn Eggen from Wanicare caring the baby of Orangutan

Willemijn Eggen (medical manager from Wanicare) caring the baby of Orangutan

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