Babi Kutil Jawa

The Javan Warty Pig or Babi-kutil Jawa (Sus verrucosus) is endemic to Java and classified as Endangered by the IUCN Red List. This species is severely understudied and much remains unknown about its population ecology, and it is currently threatened by deforestation, human-wildlife conflict, hunting and hybridization with wild pigs. There is also the growing threat worldwide of African Swine Fever which can be devastating to wild populations. These threats combined leave the species status of the Javan Warty Pig in a precarious situation as this species now survives in small and highly fragmented patches of habitat. Therefore, the establishment of a conservation breeding network nationally and internationally, with the ultimate goal of re-introduction, is recommended as high priority in ensuring the survival and preservation of the species.

Male Javan Warty Pig – B.Ferns – YCKT

CCBC began this project in 2007 when the first enclosures in semi-natural condition were constructed to accommodate Javan Warty Pigs. These facilities were selected, approved and endorsed by The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (formerly LIPI) and have consistently been improved over the years. The Javan Warty Pig programme now has two full-time keepers and has separate kitchen facilities, feed rooms and corridors connecting all enclosures for easier management of pigs. This area is designed to provide large, quiet and semi-natural enclosures whereby pigs are rarely disturbed. The output of the project within CCBC is for the formation of a genetically diverse population of healthy Javan Warty Pig which can then be candidates for; reintroduction programmes, ex-situ satellite populations and to provide an opportunity to research the biology and behaviour of this understudied species.

Sow with piglets – B.Ferns – YCKT

The population at CCBC has been genetically tested to ensure genetics are pure Javan Warty Pig and currently CCBC has the largest ex-situ population of this species. The population at CCBC is therefore extremely valuable for the conservation efforts of this species in terms of genetics but also with regards to having available pigs for the formation of satellite populations or to attempt reintroductions. In recent years CCBC has contributed pigs to a number of other facilities, both ex-situ e.g. zoos and in-situ e.g. National Park breed and release programs. With a number of organisations now holding this species in Indonesia and breeding requirements well understood, we believe the conservation approach in the coming years should focus to encouraging other facilities, nationally and internationally, to hold this species, in-situ research and efforts to mitigate in-situ threats.

Young male Javan Warty Pig – B.Ferns – YCKT