New intern and volunteer opportunities at Cikananga

Exciting news! The sustainability program which started running again two years ago is now also open for interns and/or volunteers! Currently, the centers farm totaling roughly 2 hectares/5 acres is a diversified organic farm, including coffee and fruit production.

The vegetable operation, coming into its second year of production, supplies high-quality organic vegetables and fruits to the animals in Cikananga. As volunteer or inter you will work as a member of our small farm team, taking direction and working alongside our Sustainability Program Manager and Assistant Farm Manager in all aspects of production, from seed to harvest, with the addition of farm improvement projects, including but not limited to water pump installation and the building of farm structures.

For interns you have the opportunity to focus on either Integrated Pest Management or Coffee Management Plan for the currently 1000 coffee plants. Are you interested in learning about tropical organic food production and soil restoration? Please contact us now and learn more about this new opportunity!

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