Rescued animals to Cikananga

In the first two weeks of September we have rescued many animals to Cikananga. Among them we received 1 crocodile, 2 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and 4 Asian Forest Tortoise from a private collection near Bogor. Forestry Department handed over the protected species to the care of Cikananga. On Monday September 17th, in association with The Little Fire Face Project, and Garut BKSDA we received 2 Javan Slow Loris (1 was found walking down the street in a village, most likely an escaped pet as it has no teeth, and the other, a juvenile, was found walking along a power line). Also 2 Pig Tailed Macaques where handed over from the forestry department. All have settled in well, eating and acclimatizing. We hope in the long term many of these animals can be released, however the loris with no teeth will be in our care for the reminder of it’s life due to the crew pet trade.

Rescue IV CIkananga Wanicare

 Rescue I CIkananga Wanicare

Rescue II CIkananga Wanicare

Rescue III CIkananga Wanicare

Rescue VI CIkananga Wanicare

As an update on these animals we hold good hope that the two eagles can be released through Cikananga’s own rehabilitation project for Birds of prey in West Java, however we will need to investigate long term options for the other species in association with other NGO’s.

As some animals are from various islands across Indonesia, such as the lory from papua, and Silvered Leaf Monket from Borneo, or there is no safe local habitat to release them to, such as the long tailed macaque due to potential negaitve interactions with human populations.

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