Rosie and Femi arrived at SOCP!

Escorted by (also) our staff, Femi and Rosi arrived at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) For Rosie and Femi a new chapter starts here, as they will be introduced into a group of similar aged orangutans. Here they can grow up and maybe in the future, they can find a new life in the wild…

Rosie Femi Wanicare-SOCP-JAAN-Cikananga (2)

We very happy to share they are in good condition and although all the stress during the transport they are doing all right. In the 2.5 years that Rosie and Femi were in our care at Cikananga we required help and found the support from many organisations and individuals who helped us care for the two girls and finaly enabled us to move them to Sumatra. Thanks for everyone who helped Rosie and Femi, special thanks to Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), everyone in the Cikananga team and the people at Forestry Department who helped us out.


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