Shocking news from gibbon area

On June 6, we received disturbing news from Lengkong (Javan Gibbon Conservation Project Area), our team went directly to Lengkong and was horrified by what we found (photo). With tears in their eyes the local people explained us what happened: The gibbon visited the village on daily basis to look for food because there is nothing to be found in the forest which consists of pine trees only. Last Friday the search for food became fatal when he decided to use a high-voltage cable to get to another piece of forest. At the site our team, the local people, local government, land owners, and energy company got the gibbon down and buried him. This is already the third case known and other Javanese gibbons in the area face the same risk. Therefor we need to continue the work to develop appropriate management plans together with the local government and land owners. Can you help us protect the Javan Gibbons in Lengkong? Please visit our partnership at:

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