Successes for the Critically Endangered Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush programme

In March was a world first in the breeding of the Mount Slamet sub-species Garrulax rufifrons slamatensis. This sub-species has only ever been recorded to exist on one mountain in Central Java and, to the best of our knowledge, in the ex-situ environment there has never been a successful breeding attempt of this very shy and sensitive bird.

At the beginning of March, the CCBC team was extremely pleased to see a fledgling leave the nest and quickly look comfortable perching up high. Since fledging, this bird has gone from strength to strength and is now very active around the aviary with its parents. It is likely both parent birds are first-time parents and they have done a great job in rearing! From the nominate species of the Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush CCBC had eight birds hatch from two different pairs.

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