Successful Translocation to Return Birds Home

At the end of September, #Cikananga Wildlife Center successfully completed the transfer of 9 #cockatoos back to their native region of North Maluku, Eastern Indonesia. Undertaking this journey was our Head Veterinarian Wahyu Hananto as he traveled with 2 White cockatoos, 3 Moluccan cockatoos and 4 #Sulphur-crested cockatoo. The journey took over 24 hours and included traveling by multiple cars, plane and boat! All the birds and Wahyu arrived safe and healthy in North Makulu where they received a huge welcome from the Suaka Paruh Bengkok team. For some of the birds, this center is the final destination before release whereas for others they will transit here and take a rest before moving onto nearby islands from which they are original. Thank you to Suaka Paruh Bengkok and BTN Aketajawe Lolobata for facilitating this translocation and to all the sponsors who made this translocation possible

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