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Successes for the Critically Endangered Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush programme

In March was a world first in the breeding of the Mount Slamet sub-species Garrulax rufifrons slamatensis. This sub-species has only ever been recorded to exist on one mountain in Central Java and, to the best of our knowledge, in the ex-situ environment there has never been a successful breeding attempt of this very shy […]

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Are you a highly motivated and passionated Indonesian veterinarian looking for an exciting work with all the indonesian wildlife need of your care ? Join our team ! We are currently house more than 375 animals from 60 different species in our rescue center, as well as 5 bird species and 1 endangered pig species […]

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New intern and volunteer opportunities at Cikananga

Exciting news! The sustainability program which started running again two years ago is now also open for interns and/or volunteers! Currently, the centers farm totaling roughly 2 hectares/5 acres is a diversified organic farm, including coffee and fruit production. The vegetable operation, coming into its second year of production, supplies high-quality organic vegetables and fruits […]

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Release of Javan Leopard Rasi

On Saturday 5th of March it was finally time for the release of Javan Leopard Rasi! For the first time in history a long-term rehabilitated Javan leopard was released. Which means it was an exciting day for not only Rasi but also for all teams involved in the 2.5 year preparations to this very moment. […]

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Successful Translocation to Return Birds Home

At the end of September, #Cikananga Wildlife Center successfully completed the transfer of 9 #cockatoos back to their native region of North Maluku, Eastern Indonesia. Undertaking this journey was our Head Veterinarian Wahyu Hananto as he traveled with 2 White cockatoos, 3 Moluccan cockatoos and 4 #Sulphur-crested cockatoo. The journey took over 24 hours and […]

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Animal release on Mount Ciremai

28 Oktober 2021 akhirnya menjadi tanggal yang ditunggu-tunggu untuk melepaskan 2 elang brontok, 2 elang ular bido, dan 3 kucing kucing. Pelepasliaran sempat tertunda dikarenakan pandemi covid selama 3 bulan dan kami tidak bisa mengungkapkan betapa senangnya kami melihat semua individu ini kembali ke alam liar. Hewan-hewan ini dilepasliarkan di Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai yang […]

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Covid Pandemic

COVID PANDAMIC  Due to the global CoVID pandemic the main income source of the rescue center has stopped and funders of CCBC can at the moment not transfer or guarantee financial support as they have done in other years as these are predominantly zoos which are reliant upon visitors.  This is putting pressure on the […]

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In January 2021 Cikananga Team was called to assist with the confiscation of 184 birds of different parrot species in West-Java. Three keepers travelled to the location and spend the whole day making sure that the confiscated birds were safely transferred into translocation cages.  At Cikananga the remaining team spent the whole day preparing cages […]

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The 2020 Big Month of Cikananga!

That’s a wrap! The Big Month 2020 just ended on January 31st! The Big Month is a massive citizen science project for the whole month of January 2020, aimed to fill the existing gaps in bird data of Java and Bali to understand the large – changes in distribution and possible bird declines in the […]

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