The 2020 Big Month of Cikananga!

nybm newThat’s a wrap!

The Big Month 2020 just ended on January 31st!
The Big Month is a massive citizen science project for the whole month of January 2020, aimed to fill the existing gaps in bird data of Java and Bali to understand the large – changes in distribution and possible bird declines in the areas that are not normally monitored. It is a collaboration between Birdpacker, Indonesian Ornithologist Union (IdoU) and Manchester Metropolitan University. Cikananga was also one of the contributors to the Big Month 2020,  arranging a series of birding morning in Sukabumi.

some snapshots of the 2020 Big Month birding series of Cikananga

some snapshots of the 2020 Big Month birding series of Cikananga

With contribution and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers of Cikananga, we managed to conduct a birding morning at the hardcore track of Bibijilan Waterfall, beautiful landscape of Nyalindung tea plantation, and two grids at Cianjur. Furthermore, with the generous help from the staff, a small group birding trip was also conducted in a total of 19 blank grids across Sukabumi and Cianjur. For the last one month, we submitted a total of 56 species of bird from 78 bird checklists. Our final day of the 2020 Big Month was special with a visit from Stuart Marsden and we did a flash birding around Cikananga. We owe a huge thanks for all the staff and volunteers for all their contributions to the big month birding series at Cikananga.

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