Two Orangutans rescued

28 Juli 2016 Wanicare – Wanicare and Cikananga are rescuing an approximate 6 months old orangutan after receiving the news from BKSDA and today the team drove 8 hours to reach her. This young and critically endangered orangutan is another victim of the devastating deforestation for palm oil plantations and the pet trade.

On Wednesday 27th July 2016, Cikananga received another 6 months old Orangutan from a confiscation by Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) in cooperation with BARESKRIM POLRI the police in Jakarta. Considering we must carefully care for these two vulnerable little babies, we could use every donation. Please let us know if you can help us

Rosi, the first arrival, is very playful and keeps going up and down the playground. Femi, the second arrival, mostly stays close to the caretaker but when they meet somewhere along the playground Femi joins Rosi and they play together untill they get distracted by something else. Through our Wanicare channels we will keep you up to date about the rescue mission, her progress and how you can help her.


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