New wildlife volunteer and intership guide online

Wildlife volunteers and Wildlife Internships are already almost 10 years an amazing and very educational experience in Indonesia if you want to get involved in the team of the one of the most extensive wild animal sanctuaries of its kind. Always wanted to be part of a wildlife rescue team as an student or volunteer? Take a look at the new and updated volunteer guide for 2019.

If you want to know about volunteering in the rescue center, want to know what is required for a visit to Indonesia and gather information on the numerus animals that are with us like orang-utans, bears, many bird species, reptiles and primates? Download it here! Next to the volunteers, many students who want to become veterinarians, ecologists, animal keepers or study wildlife have gathered valuable experience in the intern program.

Any question or do you want to know more about the wildlife internship and volunteer program? Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Cikananga Rescue Center and we will get back to you.

Download here:
PPSC Cikananga Wanicare Volunteer Guide 2019




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