Wildlife Volunteer

Volunteering at Cikananga Wildlife Center

Do you want to work with wildlife in one of the most extensive Cikananga Wildlife Center of its kind? The Cikananga Wildlife Center volunteer and internship program is open for everyone: Local and international students and other individuals interested to experience and study Indonesian wildlife. The programs bring valuable support to the Center and provide the participants with an opportunity to experience the rescue and conservation of Indonesian wildlife



Volunteer helping our staff feeding our cassowarries

The Work

Together with our Indonesian staff, you will work in Cikananga for six days a week from 7 AM to 4 PM, inclusive of a lunch break (11.30-13.00 PM). Main tasks you undertake are :

  • Daily care of the animals (feeding preparation, cleaning the enclosures)
  • Preparing enrichment
  • Animal behaviour observation
  • Teamwork, where all the staff and participants of the program will work on building projects in the park

It is also possible to help with education activities as local schools visit us from time to time, observe veterinary procedures, and if the opportunity presents itself you can help with confiscation or release of the wildlife

Volunteer providing food enrichment for our animals

Affordable Price and Benefits

We try to keep pricing affordable: We firmly believe that an experience with wildlife should be in reach of everyone who wants to learn about wildlife, international and local. Please find the current pricing in the PDF volunteer guide below. The small profit we make from the program enables us to pay the keepers, maintain the facilities and provide (medical) care for the wildlife animals.

The accommodation is two wooden dormitories with a private corner for every volunteer or intern, and a large cantina with a spectacular view over the rice fields.

One of the Dormitory

Activities Around Cikananga

Next to the daily work in the park, we can organize activities around Cikananga like a visit and swim in the large natural Bibiljan waterfalls and spot wildlife in the meantime  or it’s possible to go caving with professional guides in the 1500 meter long cave and vertical caving, or a guided walk in the amazing tea-field that are so typical for West-Java.

Caving activity of group volunteers and interns