WPSG workshop in Cikananga

November 2013

wpsg workshop

The IUCN/SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group is convening an urgently needed Asian wild pig conservation workshop on the Indonesian island of Java. Several south and south-east Asian pig taxa are highly threatened with extinction, and we need a considerable improvement in how we address these conservation challenges. Our workshop is one of the steps that we are taking to develop more effective approaches to safe-guarding remaining populations of threatened wild pig species, and, where needed, establish breeding facilities to ensure that no species go extinct and to provide stock for reintroduction.

Our workshop objectives are three-fold:
1. Discuss how the Sus verrucocus breeding program can be improved, and what is needed to improve wild population management of S. verrucosus and S. v. blouchi (on Bawean Island)
2. Review the conservation status of all SE Asian wild pig species and determine priority actions. This includes discussion of the consequences of a taxonomic update of the genus Babyrousa.
3. Brainstorm on new approaches to get more global and local recognition for the importance of wild pig species as a genetic resource, as well as an important protein provider to many rural communities.

Our expected outputs are:
1. A conservation plan for the in situ and ex situ management of S. verrucosus and S. v. blouchi.
2. A plan for genetic screening of all SE Asian wild pig taxa at full genome level.
3. An update on the conservation status of all SE Asian wild pig species.
4. A list of conservation priorities actions for SE Asian wild pig species.

wpsg workshop participants

wpsg workshop participants





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