#Arfah Nasution

Arfah worked as the field biologist of Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center from 2016 – 2020. During this time, Arfah showed her incredible capability to learn quickly and apply herself to any situation, all the time with humility and care. Arfah travelled all over Indonesia, conducting surveys and absorbing as much information as possible from those around her. Never one to shy away from a learning opportunity, Arfah was very active in attending training opportunities and conferences, getting much enjoyment from learning new skills and hearing about others’ research as well as presenting her own. But there was a lot more to Arfah than just being a valuable member of the work team. She was a family member loved by all, quiet and unassuming at times but then around those who were comfortable. Her contagious laughter and endearing personality lit up the room. Everyone who spent time with Arfah and got to know her well feels genuinely blessed and misses her dearly. Arfah sadly died from a brain tumour at the age of 30.