#Pak Alen (Aan Suhada)

05.08.1969 – 17.12.2019

Pak Alen was a much-loved father figure at Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Centre and had been present since our inception, dedicating much time and energy to help us be where we are today. Pak Alen had a wealth of knowledge and experience with a wide variety of animals; however, his favourites were large carnivores and Orang-utans, with which he had a strong affiliation. Most importantly, though, Pak Alen was the life and soul; he never failed to make everyone smile with his antics and contagious personality, which left countless volunteers, from all over the world, with many a happy memory of their time at Cikananga. Pak Alen passed away suddenly at the age of 50 and is sorely missed by everyone. Thank you for the laughs, Pak Alen.