In January 2021 Cikananga Team was called to assist with the confiscation of 184 birds of different parrot species in West-Java. Three keepers travelled to the location and spend the whole day making sure that the confiscated birds were safely transferred into translocation cages. 

At Cikananga the remaining team spent the whole day preparing cages in the only building with empty cages left, the isolation unit. The medical team prepared everything to provide the required medical care if necessary upon arrival, this also includes identification means to make sure all individuals can be monitored.

At midnight 26 birds (Tanimbar cockatoo, Electus parrots and lorikeets) arrived in Cikananga in fairly good condition but being exhausted. All were under close monitoring for at least a week while not all individuals were eating or adapting wel to the new surroundings. Luckily though all individuals settled in February.  

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