Programs at Cikananga Wildlife Center

Programs at Cikananga

Wildlife Rescue Center

The Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Program helps the government with saving, healing, and setting free Indonesian wildlife. The Cikananga Wildlife Center works towards preserving Indonesia’s wildlife through this program. Hence, the main focus of the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue is to offer resources and manpower to aid in the recovery of captured wild animals in order to get them ready to be returned to their natural environment. Additionally, the program supports law enforcement’s attempts to stop illegal wildlife trafficking by providing aid in identifying and seizing wildlife, as well as aiding the government in rescuing wildlife that is in conflict with humans. Learn more about Wildlife rescue Center

Conservation Breeding

The Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre (CCBC) is a part of the Cikananga Wildlife Center and aims to breed Indonesian species that are at risk of extinction. The breeding process at CCBC uses genetic management software to ensure the preservation of the species’ genetic diversity. The ultimate goal is to release the animals back into secure habitats within their native geographic range. However, given the rapid rate of habitat destruction in Indonesia, growing the captive population and establishing satellite populations is currently considered a crucial step towards reaching that goal in the long term. Learn more about Conservation Breeding

Sustainable farming program

Sustainability Program

The Cikananga Sustainability Program aims to improve the sustainability of the Cikananga Wildlife Center, and continue our community outreach and support. We also want to stabilise on-site soil erosion and improve our access to water. As most of the food given to the animals on the site comes from local sources we would want to start producing more food on our farms in a sustainable way. This would not only provide food for the animals, but we could also create jobs for the local community. Learn more about Sustainability Program


Wildlife Learning Center

The Learning Center offers educational programs for groups to learn about Indonesian wildlife, our work, and conservation efforts. We welcome students from schools, universities, government, NGOs, and media outlets. Our aim is to inspire and educate people to value biodiversity. We conduct awareness programs for local communities and governments. We welcome students from forestry, biology, and veterinary faculties to learn from our 20 years of experience in rescue, animal care, and conservation. The center trains government officials and facilitates workshops on various topics. Learn more about Wildlife Learning Center

Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund

The Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund is established in honor of our cherished colleague and friend, Arfah Nasution. From a young age, Arfah was passionate about nature conservation and served as a biologist for the Cikananga Foundation. Sadly, she lost her battle with a brain tumor in September 2020. The fund’s aim is to provide an annual opportunity for young Indonesian women working in conservation to apply for financial aid to cover travel and other expenses. This support will allow them to attend training programs, conferences, or other learning opportunities within Indonesia or abroad, and gain valuable experience in the field. Learn more about Arfah Nasution Memorial Fund