Wildlife Rescue Center

Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Program assists the government in the effort to rescue, rehabilitate and release Indonesian wildlife. Through this program, Cikananga Wildlife Center aims to conserve Indonesian wildlife. The main activity of Cikananga Wildlife Rescue is therefore to provide facilities and manpower to facilitate the rehabilitation of confiscated wild animals in their preparation for release back to their natural habitat.

Other activities include supporting efforts of law enforcement to fight the illegal wildlife trade by assisting with the identification and confiscation of wildlife and assisting the government to rescue wildlife from human wildlife conflicts.

Usup and the others keepers holding the crocodile before taken to the clinic.


In 2001 Cikananga Wildlife Center was established on an area of 14 hectares in the small West Javan village of Cikananga. Cikananga Wildlife Center is a multiple species rescue center, which means, the center has a large variety of facilities that have been built, over the years, to provide the highest levels of animal care and welfare to keep and rehabilitate wildlife.

These facilities include; a large animal clinic, three Quarantine buildings with a special isolation facility and a variety of recovery and rehabilitation facilities. Many facilities have been built for rescued wildlife with specific species requirements in mind, such as, infant primates, Javan leopards, Hornbills and small mammals.

Our carnivore enclosure from the above view

Process After Rescue

Animals arriving at Cikananga Wildlife Center will go through health checks and rehabilitation before continuing to be released or translocated to specialized centers throughout Indonesia. Cikananga Wildlife Center has already been able to carry out  numerous release programs following IUCN guidelines, including species such as; Javan green Peafowl, Javan leopard cats, Pig-nosed Turtle, raptors, snakes, and other small mammals.

For most primate species there are specialized centers throughout Indonesia to whom Cikananga Wildlife Center has assisted with, or carried out, translocations of orangutan sp., gibbon sp., macaque sp., and slow loris sp.

It is also possible that animals can no longer survive in the wild due permanent injury or behavioral problems, for these animals we look for sanctuaries or provide sanctuary at Cikananga.

A slow loris on the table of operation.