Wildlife Learning Center

Cikananga Wildlife Learning Center provides educational programs for groups to study Indonesian wildlife, our work and Indonesian wildlife conservation. We accomplish this by, throughout the year, welcoming students from elementary schools, high schools and universities, but also government officers and NGOs. The main objective of this program is to inspire and educate people to value and conserve biodiversity.

Students gathering on the field to get introduction from the education officer.

Public Awareness Program

Around the village of Cikananga and as a component of all field programs, an awareness program for local communities and local governments is included, the success of in-situ conservation can only be achieved with the full support of these stakeholders.

For the wider public, we welcome national and international TV and documentary crews as well as local news outlets. Furthermore, we use our social media platforms to create awareness for wildlife and the work we do.

Giving education and knowledge to the local villagers about wildlife.

Workshops and Training

Cikananga Wildlife Center now has almost 20 years’ experience being on the frontlines of rescue, animal care and conservation in Indonesia. We like to share our experience and therefore welcome students from Forestry, Biology and Veterinary Faculties of Universities across Indonesia and abroad to learn.
In addition we are equipped to train government officials on the identification and handling of protected wildlife.

Several workshops and meetings have been facilitated by the center throughout the years; topics include Javan Warty Pig conservation, Slow loris conservation in Indonesia, Otter Conservation in Indonesia workshop, Cassowary repatriation and Reptile and Amphibian Management.

Reptile and Amphibian Management Workshop

A lecture session one of the training