Rescue operation, many young animals arrive in Cikananga

Earlier this week we received a number of very young, illegally traded animals in neglected condition. Among them are a Leopard cat, 3 Lutungs, 2 snakes and 2 baby owls. All are confiscated from a trader in the Jakarta area.

We estimate that the Lutungs are only 3 to 4 months old and they are constantly screaming for attention as they are probably taken from their mother very recently. Also the other animals are very vocal but all are gradually eating and drinking better under close supervision of our vet and supporting staff. In addition to these animals we also received another Pangolin that demands a very specific and costly diet.

Leopard Cat jan 18 cikananga wanicare 11 Lutung babies jan 18 cikananga wanicare 11 Pangolin jan 18 cikananga wanicare 11

With these new arrivals our (financial) resources are under pressure, all help is welcome to relieve these animals with the best medical support, diets and care.

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