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wildlife conservation

Become a Sponsor

The partners contribute financial assistance to Cikananga Foundation and work very closely with the foundation. These partners supply financial help and also, but are not limited to, administrative, husbandry and technical support. Learn more about How to become a Sponsor


Cikananga Wildlife Center offers a volunteer program open to everyone. We welcome local and international volunteers, who are interested in helping Indonesian wildlife. The volunteer program brings valuable support to the center, and participants have the opportunity to experience the rescue and conservation of a variety of species. Learn more about our Volunteer Program

wildlife conservation


There are many opportunities for international and national students to complete internships at Cikananga. We regularly host veterinary interns, and those needing to undertake a specific project as part of their internships. We also welcome interns who focus on marketing, communications, and wildlife filmmaking. We would also like to encourage interns with an interest in our sustainability program to apply. Learn more about our Internships Programs


By choosing a Symbolic Animal Adoption, you generously support Cikananga Wildlife Center and its multiple programs. Each adoption contributes to creating a better future for rescued animals and the conservation efforts of the team. Learn more about our Adoption Program